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Lenny Lynne Lunden

Lenny’s Credentials and Experience

May 1994 Lenny earned her Bachelors Degree with honors in the field of psychology from The University of Texas at Austin. December 1995 she earned her MEd in counseling from Texas State in San Marcos, Texas.  After a year working as a supervised counselor for Bluebonnet Trails Community MHMR Center Lenny became a fully Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas. In 2002 she became a Certified Hypnotherapist and in 2007 Lenny became a skilled Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner [EFT aka Tapping] by way of EFT's founder Gary Craig's Training [ www.emofree.com ] with a success rate over 95%. Subsequently Lenny developed Powerful Parenting and Global Internal Transformation [GIT] via The Shift Emotions/Energy and Thoughts Process [SET] which can result in the deepest emotional healing attainable as well as permanently correct deeply rooted negative core beliefs about self.

Prior to her education Lenny participated in thousands of hours of personal development including: Landmark Education, Insight Seminars, and Understanding Yoursefl & Others. Her work is largely influenced by these impactful programs.

As a lifelong student of spirituality in line with Law of Attraction and Metaphysical principals Lenny developed the exceptionally effective "I've Arrived" virtual reality Law of Attraction game. Astute in Law of Attraction and Metaphysical counseling/coaching Lenny highly respects all religious beliefs and guides you in accessing yours in order to support and advance yourself.


Lenny's Vision

Lenny sees a
Healthy, Harmonious,
Prosperous World

Full of Healthy, Happy,
Prosperous People

Starting with You!

Lenny’s Current Work

Lenny's work at Bluebonnet Trails, which intermittently spanned 1997 - 2012 overlapping her private practice, gave her extensive experience in assessing, diagnosing and treating mental illness which she continues to do in her private practice as well as work with individuals, couples, and families that just want to get healthier and happier than they already are. To that end in 2000 Lenny began developing and presenting powerful personal development workshops on various topics, which she continues to offer.  In addition to one on one sessions, workshops & seminars, public speaking, and books she has and is in the process of writing Lenny is developing online courses, live and digital, to facilitate your personal transformation & expansion. 

Lenny's Mission

Lenny's Mission is to
Transform Pain &
Peace, Harmony, and Joy!
Starting with You!

What Sets Lenny Apart From the Rest

If you choose to work with Lenny you can benefit from her expertise and personal experience; what she learned from her years of struggling can sparing you years of struggling. With a very analytical mind Lenny has a unique way of seeing things as she analyzes the challenges she encounters in order to understand these challenges. She combines her analysis of these challenges with a talent for conceptualizing them in a way that is easy to comprehend and apply regarding addressing and resolving them. One of the most common responses Lenny hears from her clients is: "I never heard it explained that way." These explanations are "working models," drawn from her analysis based on clinical knowledge, observation, and experience. Lenny's unique concepts (working models) facilitate understanding, managing, and overcoming many of life's challenges. Lenny's personal success with applying her models and processes has been replicated by the majority of her clients since 1997. Working with clients who are motivated and committed to transforming their lives is one of Lenny's greatest joys because she knows that what she learned from her years of struggling can spare you years of struggling.

Note: Lenny's concepts are easy to understand and simple to apply, however change and healing is still hard work that takes time and is dependent on your motivation and commitment.

Lenny’s Bio

It was a dark and rainy night... just kidding, it was actually a bright, warm afternoon that Lenny was born into this world. She grew up in a very loving yet dysfunctional family. In her early thirties she came to realize she had an extreme fear of committing in a love relationship, although at the time she did not understand the degree or the implications of this fear. This realization came when she left a man she lived with on Lake Travis, Tx and was very much in love with. A 7 month breakdown followed her running away from this wonderful man. It was an episode so dark she lived in her car a good amount of that time. Subsequently she came to realize this fear of committing in a loving relationship had caused her to leave every relationship she was ever in, including her first husband (the father of her two daughters who was a good husband, father, and man). Over the next two decades, on a mission to over come that fear Lenny came to realize it was a phobic level fear (a phobia is an irrational fear that involves certainty of death related to the source of the fear; For example claustrophobia is a certainty that if you go into that enclosed space, elevator for instance, you WILL (not might) die and it will be an instantaneous, excruciatingly painful death. Lenny was into her forties and working at a mental health agency when she realized she also suffered with recurrent episodes of clinical depression, ranging from mild to severe with episodes lasting a few hours to a few years, since she was 13. Lenny's depression and phobic fear of commitment have resulted in  a deep understanding of these conditions allowing her to be particularly effective in assisting others with these issues as she has worked towards overcoming them herself. Since Lenny's lifelong mission has been to attain her own emotional & mental health and to help others do so as well, she actually appreciates the challenges that made her wiser, stronger and able to better serve others.

Lenny's philanthropic nature drives her to help anywhere she can in any way she can. Currently she is focused on raising awareness of covert abuse due to a 5+ year relationship with a covert abuser who she loves dearly. Because the abuse was covert and she was distracted with her own relationship anxieties she did not realize she was in an abusive relationship for 3 years. At a time when the emotional abuse had peaked a personal friend and a social worker pointed out to Lenny that she was being emotionally abused in the relationship. Lenny found Beverly Engel's book The Emotionally Abusive Relationship  which opened her eyes to the fact that she was in an emotionally abusive relationship, including how abusive she too was with her intense reactions to his emotional abuse and the defenses he employed to save face. It was another year before she came to understand she was in a relationship with a Jekyll & Hyde personality who could be truly awesome, and at the same time terribly hurtful in subtle, covert ways, thanks to finding Dr. George Simon's work on covert emotional abuse. In the process Lenny became acutely aware of common covert abusive tendencies that she and many people have to a far lesser degree than the Jekyll & Hyde personality, but abusive just the same. She continues to work on self-monitoring and correcting these tendencies in herself at the same time she is working to raise awareness of this type of abuse. Most people do not realize when they are being covertly abusive or just how emotionally abusive things like being judgmental, critical, or resentful is. Once you are aware, then you can change the abusive behavior. The problem with Jekyll & Hyde personality types that Dr. Simon refers to (and that I loved & lived with for over 5 years) is they will go to just about any length to avoid seeing their own abusiveness, resulting in a whole gamut of self-protective responses that are in and of themselves incredibly emotionally abusive (these include stonewalling, playing dumb,  justifying, lying, denying, defending, diverting, counter attacking among others). If a person won't see where and how they are abusive they will continue to abuse; Desire to actually be a better person must outweigh the desire to protect one's self-image in order see behaviors and attitudes that need corrected. Jekyll & Hyde personalities convince themselves they do no wrong and continue abusive behaviors and attitudes insisting their partner is the problem. When they finally realize they are being abused the partner is left with no choice but to continue to subject themselves to the emotional abuse or leave. What Lenny has done with this experience, as with all the challenging experiences in her life, is access it to learn, grow, heal, and to be a stronger & better person, then share what she has learned to help others.

This 5 year relationship was very painful and challenging for Lenny, yet it also caused her to see traits in herself she wanted to change, things she hadn't seen before; And the painful relationship was the catalyst for developing the G.I.T. theory and its partner the S.E.T. Process by which Lenny attained deep and permanent emotional healing as well as the elimination of negative self-concepts that had dogged her throughout her life. As a result Lenny finally reached a high level of emotional health and she is excited to guide you to greater emotional health too.